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When Your Children Won't Sit still

When Your Children Won’t Stop Moving

No matter where we are, my kids are moving… especially my boys. They remind me of little wolves, unable to stop their small legs from propelling forward. I remember saving my older son’s shoes for the younger one, but then one day he started to go through them like I go through coffee. Okay, maybe […]

The One Thing Your Running Is Missing

The One Thing Your Running Is Missing @Kohls #MakeYourMove

I have been seriously running for well over a decade now and have had very few serious injuries or set backs. I consider myself very lucky. I also have been told that I have very good biomechanic’s, or to put it more simply… I have good genes. Despite having such good structure, early on when […]

10 Tips For More Sound Sleep

10 Tips for More Sound Sleep @Kohls #MakeYourMove

Sleep is not only the way we rest our bodies, it is a basic need that humans were designed to have. It’s a time to relax, disconnect, recharge, and renew. It is a time to drift off into bliss away from the pressures and noise of life. Dreams rejuvenate the soul– like stepping into an […]


Why Being Mean Never Helps

m4s0n501 This morning I woke up to my only “day off” which means that because we are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow I really need to get the following done: Dishes Laundry Clean the house for guests arriving Pack for 4 people Change an outed light bulb Purchase pet food Grocery shop Get a sponsored post […]

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Love, Don’t Love + a Giveaway for Nicole’s GF Pancake Mix

It’s been a crazy week. I believe I mentioned that last Monday my Mom had heart surgery. We knew she was going to have to have it done, but it’s never easy, especially when you don’t know what to expect. What was even more shocking was the paitent next to my Mom who was spitting, […]

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Do The Things That Make Your Heart Race

Sometimes in life we unconsciously, or maybe consciously, walk around afraid of things. I know I do. I am in week 7 of Boston Marathon training, and after taking almost two years off from serious running, doing interval and, especially, tempo runs, is terrifying to me. I look at the numbers and continue to wonder […]