Rainbow On A Stick- a fast, fun snack & activity for pre-school kids

Like so many Mom’s, I am constantly trying to get my kids to eat their vegetables. I have tried the method of hiding them in the form of puree in their mac-n-cheese, smoothies and brownies. This works pretty well, but recently I have been thinking that I really need to get my children used to eating a visible vegetable.

I try to reinforce that they must eat something that has been alive at one time. We review quite often…. Cracker? NOT ALIVE… Carrot? ALIVE. They appear to have a limited understanding of what I am saying.

Recently, at snack time I have introduced the “Rainbow On A Stick” It is part activity, part snack, part lesson…what more could a busy Mom ask for? 3 in 1? I’ll take it! My kids love to make their rainbows and eat every last bit …even the Yellow Squash and Bell Pepper. SCORE! Here it is… a fun, fast and healthy snack, activity and lesson..for pre-school kids and beyond……These are the fruits, vegetables and materials needed…

Red Bell Peppers (sliced very thin)
Carrots (sliced very thin)
Yellow Summer Squash (sliced very thin)
Brocoli florets (cut very small)
Red seedless Grapes
1- Plastic coffee stir stick

Start by setting out several of the fruits and vegetables on a plate. Next, have your child lace the rainbow onto the coffee stir stick.

They learn their colors, the order in which the colors come in the rainbow and, the lacing improves fine motor skills. Last, the best part….EAT YOUR RAINBOW!!

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  1. says

    Great idea! Will have to remember this when Miss A hits preschool age. She’s started to refuse vegetables, even though she’s been scoffing broccoli’s since she started solids. I have had to hide them in her muffins and lunches.