Dark Chocolate Mojito

And for this weeks Friday night cocktail we have the….

Dark Chocolate Mojito

Here is what you will need-

6 oz. of Dark Chocolate Almond Milk
2 oz. of Chocolate Coconut water
2-3 oz. of Vanilla Rum
1/4 cup of ice (2-3 cubes)
Chocolate Whip Cream
Mini Chocolate Chips

Put first four ingredients in a blender or Magic Bullet and blend until smooth, pour into a cup and garnish with chocolate whip cream and chips. Enjoy! Cheers! Have a great weekend.

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  1. OhmyGAWD that looks delicious!!!!

  2. OMG that looks too good to be true! I didn’t know there was a chocolate coconut water…that’s so great!

  3. I’m a mixology fanatic so I LOVE this! Almond milk and coconut water, so cool. I actually saw a cocktail on a menu in Orlando that was chocolate and used coconut water as well. The almond milk is a nice addition tho!

    • Cait, Please feel free to laugh at my lack of mixology skills. This is like chocolate milk for grown ups, and I put a fancy name on it. haha! It did taste good going down though.

  4. Wow, yum!! Sounds delicious… love your description as chocolate milk for grown ups. :)

  5. Very nice! And you can save 125 to 150 calories if you make a few changes:
    Keep to 2 oz vanilla rum, use plain unsweet almond milk, add 1 oz 0-calorie chocolate syrup and substitute fat-free whipped cream.

    • That is brillant.. where were you last Friday night? Need to cut my calories..thank you very much for the great modification.

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