Save or Splurge Summer Running outfit #1

I’m at it again! I love running clothes the way some people like shoes (oh wait, I like those too). Every now and then I can afford to splurge and others times I need to save. Here are two outfits that look very similar but have two different price points. How about you, splurge or save?

My model is Alison

Outfit A

Bra (C9): $18.99
Top (C9): $17.48
Shorts (C9): $16.99

Total: $53.46

Outfit B

Bra (Under Armour): $57.99
Top (Nike): $42.00
Shorts (Nike): $58.00

Total: $157.99

Outfit A was purchased at Target and is all C9 by Champion. Alison said that the C9 top felt more fitted and the shorts do not have a liner or pockets (nothing to stash keys or Gu’s in) so might be better on a shorter run.

Outfit B was purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The shorts do have a pair of built in “boy-shorts” underneath the top layer. These are Tennis shorts, but I just ran the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in them and they are stellar to run in. In fact, I had a PR that day.

These are both great outfits to run in. So no matter what your budget, you can always look and feel good when you go out for run or race. When you look nice, it makes you feel good inside and, I personally think that helps you run your best – especially on race day.

Which one do you think you would get?

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  1. This is such an awesome post! I think because of where I’m at financially in life (right now anyway!) I would pimp outfit A. However, it would definitely depend on how comfortable it felt. I might splurge on the UA sports bra, but maybe not because I’m OBSESSED with the Handful Bra;)

    Your last paragraph really hit home, and I couldn’t agree more! Looking and feeling good definitely makes a difference — nothing better than feeling good inside because you approve your reflection:)


    • I have to try Handful bras.. I have heard they are good for “smaller” girls like myself.xoxo thank you Jenn for sharing this on FB.. it means so much to me.. very grateful for you. xo

    • Jen, I love that you would “pimp” the outfit! I think the running world needs more pimping!!!

  2. I love these posts! It’s really amazing how similar they are… I am all about good deals, although I probably spend more on running clothes than regular clothes. :)

    • Laura, I am so glad you like them and thank you for telling me that..just made my day. I am going to make this a regular posting.. about once a month. Have a great day. xo

  3. I would totally splurge.

    I LOVE shorts with built in undies. I’m a huge fan of the lululemon run: speed short. And I love that UA bra. I love quality when it comes to my clothing. I like when they can last years and do the job that I need them to do. Moisture wicking, keep me cool, and of course, look fashionable!

    • Siobhan, I love quality as well and Lululemon is the best! I just found your site and I am so excited to follow you, also “liked” your fb page. Thank you for your comments! xo

    so freakin’ creative
    and yeah.
    Id splurge :)

    • MizFit, You are the best.. thank you for always being so positive and encouraging! xoxo I like to splurge too. :)

  5. You look completely adorable in both outfits. I love Nike gear but it is always marked up so high. I never buy it full price, always wait for sales. I want to know where they get off charging $42 for a tank top?! :o

    • Hey Kris, It is actually Alison from Racingtales that is the model. I need to get you to be a model next! I did not know you were a Navy spouse. Love Nike gear as well, own way too much.. also love following your blog. Have a great day! xo

  6. Save! Outfit A :) Although the short in Outfit B look more comfortable.

  7. The only difference my eye can see is the shorts–the splurge shorts seem to fit better. But other than that, they look so similar, I’d go for saving. I really like the C9 line myself (love the bras, in fact).

    Keep these posts coming–they’re fun!

  8. This is SO fun! I might do half-and-half. I’d defintely buy the C9 sports bra and tank top, but would probaly splurge on good running shorts (Nike). I actually LOVE Target stuff and think they have really fun colors/stylish pieces :) Can’t wait to read more of these.

    • Melody, That is exactly what I ran in the other day… the Nike shorts with the C9 top and bra! HA Thank you for your encouragement… Next time I will do a Brooks outfit…LOVE your apparel! Kick some serious Boston butt angel! xo

  9. I love these posts! Although I love C9 products, I would definitely splurge on the shorts for the liner and the pocket.

    • Erin, Thank you for saying that.. it means so much to me to hear feedback.. I love doing them.. can you believe how much they look alike? crazy huh? have a great day! xo

  10. It TOTALLY depends on how it fits. Although I won’t try on anything that seems too pricey because I know I’ll want it.
    Also, I need thigh-rub-preventing material.

    • That is so true and even more so for someone putting in the miles that you do. I think ultra’s might need a whole category of run cloth’s on it’s own. I really appreciate comments..Thank you for stopping by! :)

  11. it’s crazy that they look the exact same!! i think those with long runs on the agenda can feel fine splurging on those shorts. pockets are essential!

    • Cait, your so adorable could get away with wearing dollar store clothes..thank you for your comments, always appreciated! xo

  12. I splurge on bottoms because those have to fit just right. Almost all of my bras and tanks are from the “save” category.

    Cute outfits!

    • I am very similar.. although do laundry so infrequently that I need spares and for shorter runs I love all of the “save” stuff. Thank you very much for your comments MCM Mama! really appreciate you stopping by. xoxo

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