My Fall Marathon

MY FALL MARATHON.Malibu International Marathon

Love watching this promo! It gets me pumped to start training again … who is going to run this with me?

Sunday November 11, 2012

What is your fall marathon or big race?

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  1. says

    I ran the half last fall and loved it. It is gorgeous! Thinking of running the full myself. It is between this and Long Beach. Congrats on signing up!

    • Lisa says

      Rebecca, I am so excited we are moving back to SoCal (very near to this area) but nervous as well I am frustrated with my marathon times (my half times do not match what I should be doing in the full) I am hoping to change that on this day, but as you know anything can happen in a marathon. I am going to be working my tail off on endurance this summer.. we shall see, would love to meet you.. your running is awe-inspiring. thank you for your comment!

  2. jenny says

    Oh wow! I am so jealous! You know, it’s funny what you said earlier about your half times not matching what you should do in the full… Me, too! What are we going to do about it? I need to find a super flat full Mary course!

    Anyway, you asked, so I will tell… My big race plans for this fall is my first 50k! So excited but nervous, too. I am also going to run a local marathon about a month after that. Looking forward to them both!

  3. says

    I am on the same page with the half times not adding up. Seriously, I was thinking about it all day on Sunday post my first half for the year. 8:30 pace for half 10:30 pace for full…bleh…

    Since I don’t have any marathons in my near future…I’ll let you figure out the trick to picking up your marathon pace and then you can let us in on the secret.

    In the meantime, my “big” race is my first triathlon (Olympic race called the Spudman in Idaho).

    Jealous of the view you are going to get during your marathon. Take along a camera and snap some pics!!!

    • Lisa says

      Vieve, I am so excited to follow your big race Spudman! You are a studman women for doing it! Thanks for stopping by… good to see you here, love your comments! xo

  4. says

    This is a beautiful course – I ran the half last year and my hubby did the full. I was supposed to do the full but was injured. Loved this race!

    • Lisa says

      Paulette, This is so good to hear. I am moving back to SoCal from Northern VA./DC area, really excited to back on the Pacific ocean. Hope to see you there.