Almost Wordless Wednesday

After almost two weeks of the stomach virus in my house…

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Mother of three children under 9, including a set of twins, and wife of US Navy Diver. I love to run, write, and laugh. Yes, I have a slightly raunchy and dark sense of can be so funny.. it's how I deal with it all. Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. LOL! Spray the whole house, wash the sheets, sanitize!!!

  2. Hope it’s virus free soon!!!

    That pic made me laugh lol

  3. Ugh, that sounds awful… hope you stay healthy!!

  4. So miserable!

  5. This picture is awesome — I let out a BAHAHAHA but then an AWWWWW!!! I’m sorry you’ve got household sickies — sending lots of get better vibes:)

  6. Ha ha I have one of those!

  7. Ha! Love this. Yes – I have Mother’s Mace as well!

  8. :D. So been there! Hope everyone is feeling better!!

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