6 Summer Running Essentials


The other day Miss Zippy posted about some of her most recent favorite #fitgear. Her list was full of cool stuff, take a look at her items right here. She inspired me to share some things I'm really into at the moment. Here are six summer running … [Read more...]

Nuun Kona Cola Float Recovery Treat


After today's long run I decided to treat myself to something really decadent... First, mix up one tablet of Kona Cola Nuun with 16 oz. of water and ice and let the tablet dissolve. Then, fill an 8 oz. cup half full with the Nuun mixture … [Read more...]

6 simple tips on how to make time for running while kids are out of school

6 tips on making time for running

Often times, when school comes to end so does our running and fitness. The truth is parents just don't have the "kid free" time that they do during school months. Summer break does not mean you need to give up your training schedule. In fact, many … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Scott Jurek

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Gluten free fish and chips and Attune Cereal Review


When I traveled to England, one of my very favorite thing to do was go and get Fish and Chips. I love to make them at home (not as good as the real thing) but it is a dish that every member of my family will eat, that was until Underwater Samurai was … [Read more...]

North Face Endurance Challenge 50K recap


Squish, squish, squish, squish, whoa, squish, squish, whoa... This is my race recap for the first 12 and last 12 miles of the North Face Endurance Challenge 50K last Saturday morning. It had dumped rain the Friday night before the race and, well, it … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday

what defines you

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Bolder Boulder 10K race recap


It's been a busy week here at Run Wiki. One week ago today I flew to Colorado with my friend Alison for a weekend getaway which you can read about HERE and to run the famous Bolder Boulder 10K at an elevation 5430 ft. above sea level. The Bolder … [Read more...]


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