10 Back to School Outfits for under $66

I talk about running A LOT. Occasionally, I stray off the topic and today is one of those days. I have been very busy getting my kids ready to go back to school. I have three kids and they all need school supplies and clothes. This last Friday my husband and I purchased a home here in California, FINALLY! We are so happy and think we found the greatest house at a price within our budget. This is our new pad…

I have so much going on that I find it difficult to breath these days and it is about to get much more intense. As you know, buying a house and getting it started is expensive. I had a very small budget for kids clothes this year, so I hit up one of Kohl’s super sales and, with a little creative thinking, did pretty well for my daughter who will be entering Kindergarten this year. I should add that she does NOT wear anything “scratchy, itchy or pokey,” so part of this challenge was to find clothes she would wear that are comfortable and reasonable to play and run in. Everything purchased met her seal of approval… each is soft, comfortable, machine washable and supports running and climbing the jungle gym.

I bought 4 bottoms (2 skorts and 2 pants) these were $20.00 marked down to $9.99. The skorts are made from soft flannel and a cotton under short, the grey leggings have small studs lining the bottom of each leg, and the purple jeans are thin and feather soft.

For the 4 tops, each top was marked down from $16.00 to $7.49. Again, these are super soft and I love the rhinestone details on the t-shirts. You could layer a long sleeve shirt under these in the winter month’s and create the same look.

One pair of shoes. The shoes were $34.99 marked down to $16.99. These silver flats reminded me of little Tom’s, but are Carter’s, a brand most Mom’s love and trust. I love that they’re a neutral and go with everything, but still have some sparkle.

Here was my total:

Top- $7.49
Top- $7.49
Top- $7.49
Top- $5.39


I was given an additional 20% ($15.86) off for using my Kohl’s card
which brought it down to:


To top it off, I received $30.00 Kohl’s cash, that I will use to buy a few long sleeves tees and some tights to layer with these outfits when it gets colder.

What about you? have you found any great back to schools deals?

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  1. I can not believe school starts here in less than a week.
    I shall shop tomorrow.
    or wed.
    DEFINITELY by thursday or friday :-)

  2. love this! you’re so thrifty!

  3. Such adorable outfits! Shows what you can do on a budget if you try! I did the same thing at kohls and old navy, saved a bundle and got cash for later too! Your new house looks beautiful and I can’t wait to visit! Miss you!

  4. Love your new house. I’m very happy for you and your family! You scored some incredible deals for your daughter! I’m thankful Izzy is only 3. No girl back-to-school shopping this year! For Tucker, I grabbed him some reversible athletic shorts at Target ($9 each – really 2 shorts in 1) and 3 shirts for $5 each. He’s done until October when we need to get some jeans and reassess his long sleeve situation! :)

  5. Such cute outfits and you can’t beat the price. Seeing your home makes me miss Cali. I’d move back tomorrow if it was possible.

  6. You did great! Cute stuff too! School starts here tomorrow. Although there’s so much meet the teacher/locker setup etc. stuff going on today, we’re swamped!
    All the best in your beautiful new home!

  7. Love all of your posts for spending less!!!

  8. Gorgeous house!

    Back to school already?! Wow, that was fast!

  9. Your deal hunting is out of control! I need to shop for back to college clothes for myself. But it starts in less than a week. So I think I’m running out of time. :P

  10. Congrats on the house! It looks beautiful. That must be a HUGE relief to cross that off your list.

    Love, love, love what you did with the school clothes! So cute, all of them. For my kids, well, we didn’t really do much for back-to-school clothes. I have an 11-yr. old boy who will wear nothing but sports shorts and tees, so why bother there, and then my daughter wants to wear her favorite skirt/top combo, so I am just rolling with it!

  11. Your house is beautiful! What part of CA did you move to? I haven’t thought about back t school in awhile since I’ve been out of school. But wow how time does fly! Can’t believe summer is practically over – last chance for beach runs!

  12. The house looks BEAUTIFUL and i love the back to school outfits! So fun :D

  13. CONGRATS on thenew huse, it’s beautiful!!! I’m sure the moving will be a lot of work, but you are having your own hme again and you can finally settle in. So happy for you!

  14. You new house is gorgeous and you are right those shoes look exactly like little silver Toms. I hope your daughter has a great school year, she sure will look cute.

  15. How did I miss this post? CONGRATS on your new house! That must be such a relief to have found a home, despite all the work that involves. Love your thrifty shopping and creative outfit pairings!

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