Classroom Halloween Treats for under $1.00 each

I received an email from the Kindergarten “Classroom” Mom the other day. She explained we would be having a Halloween party in the class and that it was against school policy to bring candy in as a Halloween treat. “Halloween treat?” I asked myself, “Do I need to bring in a treat?” “Really?” Generally, I avoid and boycott these things, but every now and then I get an idea and the repetitive nature of crafting helps me to stop thinking about how boring and uneventful my life is. Plus, we’re broke so I can’t, and have no desire to, spend a huge sum of money on junkie toys for my children’s classmates.

How to make a Classroom Halloween Treat – for about 61 cents each.

I use these little Solo clear plastic portion cups for my kids’ lunches, I fill them with peanut butter, dipping sauces or pub cheese. I purchased them at Costco. You can also find them on Amazon, Smart and Final or Bj’s. They’re about 51 cents each depending on where you buy them.

The bag of Candy corn cost $2.50; I made 26 treats, a little less than .10 cents each to fill.

* Use a black Sharpie pen to draw a “Jack O Lantern” face on the cup.

* On green card stock or paper, print up a “Happy Halloween” message and cut these out in the shape of a stem.

* Use a hot glue gun to adhere to the top of the Solo Cup.

As an alternative, you could use green ribbon; tie a small bow and glue this to the top.

* Fill with Candy Corn, Goldfish or M&M’s.

You could use Marshmallow’s and make a ghost face… Really, the possibilities are endless.

Happy Halloween!

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    • Lisa says

      Thank you Kris! my husband was home today (rare happening) , which motivated me to do something in addition to running. Every now and again I feel like one of those neat “crafty” Mom’s. The other 90% of the time I am “that” non-conformist Mom. Notice that I made the treat with candy, when I was told not too. What’s wrong with me? How you feeling post marathon? So proud to know you, you’re amazing! xoxo 😉 sorry for the novel here.

  1. says

    WOW!!! These are great iedas! My daughter has a party coming up and I want to participate, but I get so tired of forking out money that we just don’t have!! I love this idea with goldfish (as we were told no candy also!)

    • Lisa says

      I know exactly how you feel. We spend a good chunk on parties as well. I will end up filling these with Goldfish, as the room mom told me NOT to bring candy. I’s a rebel. Thank you for your comments! xoxo

  2. says

    Great idea! I will be putting this in my ideas pile. I don’t *think* we are supposed to bring anything, but that could certainly change! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa says

      Thank you Anne! I know how you feel, you never know when they might spring something on you. This morning I was told by my kids that they need to bring white T-shirts in. Huh? white T-Shirt’s? I wonder what this is for. Thank you for your comment! Have a great day.

    • Lisa says

      Yes, I just can’t bring myself to do as I am told. Thank you for stopping by Kate. I really enjoyed reading through your blog last night, I love to discover good blogs, plus you’re hilarious, I always need a good laugh. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Paige says

    Super cute! As I was looking at the pics I thought to myself “didn’t she say they weren’t suppose to have candy but those clearly have candy corn”. Too funny. I think they are great and could be used for holiday and valentines day treats too!

  4. Tasha says

    I love this!!! I know last year they canceled the Halloween parties for the school in favor of the after school Fall Festival but I tend to break the rules as well. I throw my own!!! As long as there is a book to tie in the festivities, I get to bring treats, etc.. This would be totally doable!!