Nature Speaks

Last Sunday I had the worst run of my life, 18 miles of misery and just two weeks before my marathon. I have been really tired and just not feeling my running groove. I’m nervous. “What if I feel like this on race morning?” If I do, I will barely make it across the finish line.

I have been taking it real easy on my runs and taking days off. Generally, when I am feeling out of sorts with my running I hit the trails. Being alone in nature always brings back my love of running, helps me to feel grounded. As long as I go out with an open mind and the intention of getting some answers, nature will provide them to me. It was no different this morning.

It started out with these beautiful rays of sunshine:

Then I stopped in my tracks when I saw this… a message? Perhaps…

This one was loud and clear.

Perhaps I should be more aware of the people who drag me down?

And then there was this:

I love going out and doing runs like this, they make me feel like a kid and it has become a fun game for me. When I returned home from this 6 mile run, I had not achieved any great speed or distance, but I had a smile on my face and all was well in my running world again. Then I texted my amazing friend and just like she always does, she reassured me that it is perfectly normal to have horrible runs right before your big race. “It’s your body questioning you and you have to give it the answers”. Sage advice from someone I fully trust. I am so fortunate to have running friends who know me intimately and have so much knowledge.

What do you do to get out of your running funk?

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    Getting out in creation is an awesome way to get grounded again. There’s nothing like being out in what’s bigger than yourself to help you find yourself again. Great work!!

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    I love the signs! You got the bad run out of your system Lisa! I’ve had SO many bad runs over the past two years, it’s been a real struggle. Call me crazy but I keep trying, with different paces, distances, races, mantras, fuel, everything. I’m gad you’re finding the ‘good’. It’s out there for us to discover. Hang in there.

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    I love all of these signs. I saw your pictures on Instagram and thought they were lovely. They definitely helped to put a smile on my face. Returning back to nature, taking a step back while also focusing on the little things in life help me out of a rut. Horrible run before your race just means it’s out of your system and you are going to have an amazing race!!

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    You sound just like me last week. My 22 was AWFUL and I was feeling really low about my marathon. For me, doing a kick-ass speed session on Tuesday got me back in the game. I had to do some self-talk before-hand to convince myself I could do it and even crush it. It worked and this whole week has been an amazing week of training!

    So glad you knew just what to do and that you did it. You’re going to be in fabulous shape for your marathon, I know it!

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    What a great way to get out of your funk. I loved your pictures.

    A couple years ago I had a *horrible* run. It was my last long run before a key race. It was supposed to be 20-22 miles and when I got near my house, I ended the run. I couldn’t go one step further than 19 miles. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to finish 26 miles, let alone, get the PR I had been hoping for. I tapered wisely and ended up getting an almost 20 minute PR two weeks later!

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    Oh goodness – it is definitely normal to have horrible runs. I think it’s supposed to be that way – so then when the big day comes – you have the terrible run out of the way. That’s the way I see it anyway. I think your run was meant to be – such incredible signs and I love you got to take pictures. xoxoxo

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    I have definitely found that scenic, nature runs bring me back to my love of running for the sake of running. I didn’t realize your marathon was so close– so exciting!

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    Awesome signs on the road! I love those runs, too. But, if your body is feeling way too tired, that may be another sign. Taper well! Eat right! Enjoy!

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    Beautiful post that I can seriously identify with it right now. I’m at the point where I’m contemplating running anymore. Although I hate to see others dealing with issues it makes me know I am not alone. Here’s to positive runs!

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    so happy to hear you got out of the funk by exploring your surroundings on your run! i love the heart-shaped rock. sometimes the runs that are casual are the best! the longest i ever ran is 8 miles and i had set out that day for a casual 5 miler and felt so good i just kept going. it’s amazing what your body becomes free to do and how amazing it feels when you aren’t thinking too much! mental mindset means so much so just concentrate on that lovely 6 miler not that gross 18 miler, because if you focus on the positive you will do great come race day!