Looking Back and Looking Forward… The Art of Transition

Many seasoned triathletes will tell you that one of the most important aspects of the race is the transitions. Transitions are the area in which you change clothing and gear to prepare for the next stage and, although they only take up a small amount of time, the clock is ticking and someone who transitions well can have an advantage over the other competitors. They will tell you that you need to know what you’re doing before you get there, to visualize what is coming next in order to achieve success.

So, why am I bringing this up? It’s the end of the year and, like many, I am reflecting back on my 2012 and visualizing what I desire for my 2013. I believe, like the triathlon, someone good at transitions will be more apt at fulfilling their dreams. I don’t want to come up with a list of goals or resolutions, but I do want to have a vision of what I want and desire on my radar. I want the activity in my day to day life to be working toward manifesting my ambitions, but first, I want to re-visit 2012 for a moment. Considerable goals were achieved and major changes occurred and I’d like to acknowledge where I’ve been to help me navigate where it is I’d like to go.

Party 2012

1. I PR’ed in the half marathon in February.

2. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in March.

3. I became an RRCA certified running coach in April.

4. I ran my first Ultra Marathon in June.

5. I moved my home and family from Northern Virginia to Southern California.

Since moving to California things have had their ups and downs. As with any move, it has been an adjustment for both my family and myself. I have allowed myself some time to adapt; with every move I’ve made, it has taken at least a year before I was completely settled. As I transition into the next year, I envision the following running related desires:

Move toward your goal

1. I will PR in the marathon this year. I don’t care how much work it takes, I will lower my 26.2 time. I am completely unsatisfied with my previous races and will not stop until I have that PR.

2. I will be serious about my Boston Marathon training. I have already begun and I will not be skipping workouts and eating like crap. For the next 15 weeks, I am devoted to this.

3. I would like to run a 50 miler this year. This is something I have envisioned for quite some time, but I am not sure if I have the time it takes to train for one… Excuses, excuses… Make it happen, Lisa!

4. I would like to think less and do more. I spend too much time thinking about what I want and need to do instead of doing it. Shut your mind off and do it.

5. I want to be faster in 2013, I would love PR’s in every distance. This means I need to train harder and that thought scares me a bit. I can’t keep running at the same speed or I will die of boredom. Must get faster, must get faster… It’s going to hurt, but I am ready.

How about you? What is something you envision for yourself?

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  1. says

    We seem to be on a similar page my friend especially this –> “I don’t want to come up with a list of goals or resolutions, but I do want to have a vision of what I want and desire on my radar. I want the activity in my day to day life to be working toward manifesting my ambitions.” That’s what I’ve come to realize that I want/need to be the focus right now and what I’m going to work on. That and shutting my brain off too :-) xoxo Happy New Year!

    • says

      Yes, I agree resolutions do not work, I think you have to live the life that you want everyday. So happy that I connected with you in 2012 and look forward to following you in 2013! Happy New year to you too Christine! xoxo

  2. says

    I am right there with you, with your goals – lower those PR’s!:) While I am happy with how my end of year races went, I always want to improve. You nailed it – the only way to do it is with hard work, so I am wrapping my head around planning to work much harder than I did last year, which also just means training smarter and getting more out of my miles. I also want to do a 50 miler this year! Good stuff ahead:) Make it happen and happy runnning in 2013 my friend!

  3. says

    I need to learn how to shut my brain off too. I over think way too much. Less thinking. More doing. I’m looking for a few new PRs and PDR too. My main focus is finding balance in all that comes to my life. My problem is I want to do it all! Happy New Year to all and all your escapades in 2013!

    PS – LOVE the caption at the bottom of the photo booth pics!!! 😉

    • says

      Haha! Angela, I thought that caption was hilarious as well. The party was so fun, most of us there were parents and we cut loose in a super fun and not harmful way… basically, we acted like big children, it was a blast! Happy New Year beautiful!

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    I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. You’ve had an amazing year and 2013 is only going to get better! Happy New Year to you!

  5. says

    Love this post and so true with the transition, never thought about it that way :-) I have a feeling 2013 will be a great year for you. You are ready! My goal next year is to take off the pressure and run for fun not for time. Plus i want to enjoy the wedding planning and wedding. I sometimes get so caught up i forget to enjoy the moment!

  6. says

    I love your big goals, and I KNOW that you can handle them. You are dedicated and focused, and have many more prs ahead of you! Let’s go get that marathon one first. As for transition, it has always taken me most of a year to settle in as well. And it looks like 2013 may be a very similar year for me in terms of transition… I’ll be coming back to you for empathy. :)

    • says

      Laura, I am so excited about your marathon in a few weeks. You will do amazing and there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line a 26.2. Sounds like you may be up for some change this year???I am always here for empathy, listening and support… wish we cold go for nice long run together! Happy New Year! xoxo

  7. says

    You’ve got a fire in your belly! That’s awesome because that will get you those PRs. I’m very excited for you–I know you have lots of potential to tap into!

  8. says

    Great Goals! I, too, am looking for more PR’s. I was happy for awhile just plugging along at a 10:45-11:00 pace but as you said, so boring. Towards the end of this year, found a new running coach and starting weightlifting. Hoping to continue onward through 2013 and really fly this year! :)

  9. says

    We have been living somewhat parallel lives! I qualified for Boston (although that was the end of 2011), I ran my first 50K. I moved to a new state with my family.

    I agree about too much thinking. For me, inaction is often my action. I think so much that it becomes procrastination and then I miss out.

    happy new year!

  10. says

    Love this post. Love your goals for 2013!!! You totally got the PR at Boston – I feel it =) My 2013 is going to be dedicated to PR’ing in May at the NJ marathon and running the JFK 50 miler!! I’d love to do an Ironman this year – but that will be more dependent on finances for us (I need a new bike)!!! Happy New Year, Lisa!

  11. says

    Congrats on a great year, Lisa. You really accomplished so much in 2012 and I’ve enjoyed following your journey! One of my goals for 2013 is to get my RRCA coaching certification. I’ll have to chat you up about that sometime :)

    I can totally relate to your goals for 2013. I find that I am myself struggling with some of the same things you want to overcome … like just doing what I say I’m going to do and being more disciplined when it comes to training. I think I have more to give and more room to push myself. Here’s to a new year and new PRs! Good luck with your Boston training!!!

  12. says

    You did such great things in 2012 and I love the determination in your 2013 goals!! I am using the word purpose to guide my entire year and I know it will help me achieve many goals, by keeping me from flitting about and doing things that aren’t in line with what I want

  13. says

    Those are great goals for 2013! I can’t wait to follow your progress. A 50-miler, wow! I don’t even like driving my car that far. LOL

    • Lisa says

      Thank you Jan! Your comment made me laugh… I don’t like to drive that distance in my car either, but I’ll run it… I’m a nutcase! Happy New Year!

  14. says

    I’m with you…I didn’t set resolutions but I did set directions. There are things I want to do and there are things I have to do. It just didn’t make sense for me to set hard and fast resolutions.

    I like your thought process. It makes a lot of sense.

  15. says

    I so hear you on the resolution thing. I don’t think I’ve ever followed up on them…if I did I’d be rocking at organization and we know that ain’t happening!
    I do want to get back to what brings me the most joy. Running fast fills the joy bucket for me!
    You’re 2012 looks stellar and I think you’re poised for a fantastic 2013!

  16. says

    Huge goals! I love it. GO for it, and we’ll be cheering you on. You can do all of that and more Lisa. I have so much faith in you!

    I want new PRs for the 10km and marathon. So I will :-)