I am a 47 year old Mother of three children, two of which are twins, and married to a U.S. Navy Diver. I love to run to escape the pressures of modern life and am often times compelled to write, afterward. I am passionate about my family, friends, food, training, racing, new cool products, being a FitFluential Ambassador, and sharing my thoughts about how funny life is.

I write from my heart. RunWiki is a place for runners of all speeds to connect through our love of this sport.

Here’s a little bit about me

In 2007 I gave birth to my twins. I had a two year old with special needs and new born twins. My husband was active duty military and we lived in the high dessert of California. I had no family or friends around to help. I was sleep deprived, suffering from postpartum depression, and feeling lost and alone.

One day my husband suggested I go for a run to get some fresh air and take a break. That run back in 2007 forever changed the direction of my life . For the first time in my life, I felt free, happy and the pure joy that comes with an emotionally cleansing run. I cried and no one could see my tears through the sweat. No one could see my guilt for feeling so sad in a time when I was supposed to be feeling the greatest joy in my life. I had lost my spirit and running allowed me to find myself again.

I was an overwhelmed new Mother, and running became my outlet. This sport has given so much to me. It has made me stronger than I ever thought possible both physically and mentally. It has taught me to be humble and gracious when I really feel like screaming. It has taught me patience and perseverance. Running has “tough loved” me through my life and it continues to do so to this day. It has become my best friend.

I started this blog in 2008 because writing is another outlet for me. Through the pages of this blog you will discover the musings of an ordinary Mother runner. Someone just like you who celebrates her triumphs and pulls herself out of the dark times. I hope you enjoy reading- thank you for stopping by.

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