Mountain 2 Beach Marathon 2014 Recap


If you don't already know, let me start by saying I made the choice to run Mountain 2 Beach marathon this last Sunday, just 4 weeks before race day. I don't recommend doing this. In fact, I think it's a pretty stupid idea, something I have, in my … [Read more...]

Women’s Running Series Scottsdale 5K Race Recap


Women's Running Series Scottsdale 5K I planned on leaving Fridays night and spending Saturday and Sunday in Scottsdale, however, one of my children began coughing so hard, I though it might be better if stayed home and left Saturday morning … [Read more...]

Rock n Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon Race Recap


"The fastest half marathon I've run". That's how I might describe my experience running Rock n Roll Half marathon with Pavement Runner this weekend. I am not talking about time - our average pace was 10:41! - I'm talking about perceived time. This … [Read more...]

Nuun Hood to Coast 2013 recap


I walked away with many things from Hood to Coast with Nuun, but the one thing in particular seems to have carried over into my daily life back here in SoCal, and that is to BELIEVE. If you have a strong desire, dream, hope or goal, you can have it … [Read more...]

Hood to Coast – a Paradox of Sport


It's been over a week since my team and I crossed the finish line at the 2013 Hood to Coast relay with Nuun hydration. I waited to write about my experience intentionally. It was one of those moments in life that I needed some time to process. There … [Read more...]

Extreme North Dakota Racing: The End Wet 27 mile swim


"North Dakota? What? Are there people there? Doesn't it snow year round? That's where we're going this summer?" I said to my husband as he came home and announced that he had booked a flight for us to Grand Forks for a race on July 13. A year … [Read more...]

Ragnar Wasatch Back Part 2


As I was saying in my previous post, we drove to the starting line in nervous and excited silence. When we arrived, we did our safety check with the Ragnar team and before we knew it our 10am start time arrived. The starting line for Ragnar was … [Read more...]

Ragnar Wasatch Back 2013 – An “ultra” life event- Part 1

You know the saying "there was life before X event and now there is life after X event?" Yeah, well that's how I'm feeling about Ragnar Wasatch Back, it was a "life event." I received and email from my friend Lisa saying that I should contact Megan … [Read more...]

Mountains 2 Beach Marathon Race Recap


Only Koo-Koo people pay money to wake up at 2:45am and run 26.2 miles. So that's what I did on Sunday morning along with about 1,500 other wonderfully nutty runners. Since the race was so early, and nearby, I left my husband at home with our kids … [Read more...]

Part 2: After the finish line at the Boston Marathon


In my previous post I wrote about my PR and accomplishing my dream of running the Boston Marathon. Now, I want to tell the story of what occurred after the finish line. It's important to me to write down what happened while it's fresh and before my … [Read more...]


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