Nature Speaks


Last Sunday I had the worst run of my life, 18 miles of misery and just two weeks before my marathon. I have been really tired and just not feeling my running groove. I'm nervous. "What if I feel like this on race morning?" If I do, I will barely make it across the finish line. … [Read more...]

Trail Confessions


Trail Confession- Bull Run Regional Park- 10 miles- Friday May 4, 2012 Today's conversation with my buddy Alison was minimal, which sometimes is exactly what you hear the leaves under your feet, the wind in the trees and just be in that moment. We did mention how … [Read more...]

Trail Confessions


Location- Bull Run Regional Park (Civil War Trails) This has been a busy and crazy few weeks and to make matters worse, my running partner, Alison was out of town. Although, I am so happy that she was able to go, she was missed and, there has been no Trail Confessional for … [Read more...]